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Dog incontinence products to protect your home.

Dog incontinence products to protect your home.

Dog incontinence products to protect your home.

Struggling with leaky accidents? Practical solutions to messy problems. 

You love your dog and they’re part of the family, but the unexpected messes of dog incontinence can cause stress and frustration.

Whether it’s related to age, illness, injury or stress, dog incontinence can be a messy problem, especially when your dog’s used to having their run of the house, furniture and beds.

It might be a little leak or a lot, and unfortunately, it’s often an ongoing problem, especially for older dogs.But with the right dog incontinence products, you can still welcome them onto your sofa and onto your bed, without stressing about unexpected accidents.

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What is dog incontinence? 

A dog that pees on the floor during the night because it can’t get outside isn’t necessarily incontinent, and purposeful urination in unwelcome places is a behavioral issue, quite different to incontinence.

True dog incontinence usually occurs in middle-aged and older female dogs, more common in those that have been desexed.  But it can also be seen in male dogs and dogs of varying ages. It’s also more prevalent in certain dog breeds - including Cocker Spaniels, Dobermans and Old English Sheepdogs.

With 50% of dogs sleeping in their owner’s bed1, and more than 20% of female neutered dogs struggling with incontinence2, not to mention the other dogs who are incontinent due to their age or an illness, and that’s thousands of accidents waiting to happen every night on beds around the country.

And it’s completely normal for our dogs to want to be near us, day and night:

1Should we let sleeping dogs lie.., with us?  Australian study.
2VCA Hospitals

“Dogs, being a pack animal, love to be part of a pack. They want to be included in our daily lives. Many pets these days have the luxury of being welcomed on the couch and beds. There is no happier place for a dog. But when incontinence hits, sharing your couch or bed can become problematic,” 

says Dr Renee O’Duhring from The Natural Vets

What causes dog incontinence?

There are a number of causes for dog incontinence - some of these are easily treated, and others are just a consequence of age, and might be a long-lasting issue.Reasons for dog incontinence can include bladder infections, urinary tract abnormalities, hormonal changes and senility. If you’re starting to notice damp or wet patches from your dog around the house, pay a visit to the vet and seek treatment as quickly as possible, before the problem worsens.

How can dog incontinence products help? 

Having a dog with incontinence issues doesn’t mean saying goodbye to quality soft furnishings in your home. 

“Incontinence is a common challenge pets owners face, both in young and old dogs. Sometimes it can be fixed, but often it is something that needs managing long-term. Having quality waterproof coverings can enable your incontinent dog to continue to live the life they are accustomed to,” 

says Dr O’Duhring

Thankfully, there are a number of dog incontinence products available to protect your surfaces, particularly helpful if your dog sleeps on top of your bed at night, or loves to make himself comfortable on your fabric sofa.As the saying goes: “fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail!” and the same is true for living with dog incontinence.  By preparing for those little accidents, you’ll save yourself costly cleaning and replacement bills down the track.

To begin with, we recommend investing in a quality mattress protector to protect your bed. These days you can find some great mattress protectors which are also waterproof, without feeling like you’re sleeping on a squeaky rubber mat.

Then make your bed up as usual, but finish it off with a quality waterproof blanket that will act as the first barrier to any accidents that might happen.

Your bed can be stylish AND protected with a quality waterproof blanket like the Victoria, which looks great on top of modern bedding, while also protecting your bed from any fluids which might escape in the night.

Expect the unexpected  

When it comes to dogs in the home, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. No matter how long your dog has been a part of the family, they can still surprise you when you’re least expecting it.

Pay attention to what goes into your pet… if they’ve eaten something unusual or if they’re overdue for a poo, then it might be worth keeping them out of the bedroom for the night.

Thankfully, a bonus of investing in quality dog incontinence bed protection blankets is that they’ll also protect your bedding and furniture from other unexpected mishaps - such as poo accidents or vomiting.

Whether dog incontinence is a short-term or long-term issue for your pet, investing in a few key products can make all the difference. For inspiration, check out our stylish waterproof blankets, ideal for protecting your bedding and furniture from life’s little accidents.

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"My dog has occasional night terrors and pees in her sleep. We discovered this shortly after we got her and ended up kicking her out of bed and buying a new bed after she virtually flooded it one night. Fast forward to finding this blanket, our younger dog got excited and jumped on the bed and let loose. I purposely let it sit awhile and it didn't seep through. Now they can jump up and sleep on the bed all they want. TOTALLY WORTH BUYING!" -  Amanda C