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Blanket Care

Our waterproof blankets have been designed to be your first line of defense - to cover and protect furnishings of importance to you and your family.

As a protective cover, it is expected your blanket will experience ‘accidents’ and stains therefore being able to clean your blanket successfully is important to us so you can enjoy your blanket over a lifetime. We’ve done extensive research to keep your blanket love-able for years to come by testing different solutions available on the market to treat stains including pet urine, blood, red wine spills, makeup, ink and more.

blanket care

General Care

Treat stains with a quality pet stain remover first. As soon as the pet stain remover comes in contact with the stain it immediately starts to break down any solid to a gas, then extracts the stain layer by layer.

By using a pet stain remover first, machine washing can be less frequent or avoided.

Ensure you use a pet stain remover like My Pet Peed that:

- Doesn’t rely on enzymes to work - Isn’t detergent based
- Doesn’t use fragrances or perfumes
- Is environmentally safe
- Can be used around pets, children and plants
- Doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or bleaches

The My Pet Peed cleaning product works like an oxygen bomb. As soon as it comes in contact with bacteria it immediately starts to break any solid down to a gas, then extracts layer by layer.

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Pet Stain Remover Instructions:

1. Simply turn the nozzle to the mist setting.  Heavily spray spoiled area.   Walk away.  The product will continue to work up to 24 hours after sprayed.   Repeat if needed. 

2. For heavily soiled stains, (feces, excessive urine, etc), spray to heavily saturate the stain.  Let it sit a while, then wash with ordinary laundry detergent if required. (Never use bleach) Follow washing instructions outlined on this page.

3. Hang to dry in a shady spot or tumble dry on low heat. 

Do NOT tumble dry on high heat as damage to the internal waterproof membrane may occur.

Washing Instructions:

1. Machine wash with ordinary laundry detergent. (Never use bleach)

2. If required, repeat the drain and spin cycle to remove excess water from blanket.*

3. Hang to dry in a shady spot or tumble dry on low heat.

Do NOT tumble dry on high heat as this may damage the internal waterproof membrane.

*IMPORTANT - Different types and models of washing machines can vary in the spinning speed RPM (revolutions per minute) to remove excess water from the blanket. As the blanket inner lining has been designed to stop liquid penetration, it is by nature for the outer layers to hold on to water once the blanket has been fully submerged - as it cannot pass through the internal waterproof membrane. Once the washing machine starts its spin cycle it has quite a job to do to remove the water retained in the blanket. Repeat the drain and spin cycle several times to help remove excess water from the blanket prior to placing in the dryer.

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