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Luxury Waterproof Bed Blanket - Victoria

$99.00 $149.00 saving $50.00
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Luxury Waterproof Bed Blanket - Victoria

$99.00 $149.00 saving $50.00
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Keep your queen or king size bed stylishly protected with our luxurious waterproof blanket.

"The most dogproof blanket ever.  It's perfect. My dogs hair does not stick on it. Shakes off very easily."  TIR

Designed to be your first line of defence from “accidents” and stains, this super soft waterproof blanket will dutifully protect furnishings by resisting liquid penetration.  If you love your home, this functional blanket will make a fabulous addition to your décor.

Waterproof Blanket & Keepsake Box

Reversible Design:
Side A Colour - Fiord Blue,
Side B Colour - Quill White

Blanket Construction:
Three layers: 
1 - Faux Mink
2 - Noiseless 100% Waterproof Membrane
- Faux Mink

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    Blanket Specifications

    • Features

      Waterproof Blanket (Queen/King Bed Cover)  & Keepsake Box

    • Blanket Construction

      Three layers:  1 - Faux Mink.  2 - Noiseless 100% Waterproof Membrane.  - Faux Mink

    • Reversible Design

      Patent Pending Modern Aesthetic Pattern Design with Signature Embroidered Bold Framed Border

      Side A Colour - Fiord Blue

      Side B Colour - Quill White

    • Cleaning Instructions

      Refer to BLANKET CARE for cleaning instructions.

    Fabulous, functional and just a little bit posh.

    The king/queen size luxury waterproof blanket for bed, loveseat, or couch transforms any room with its stylish designer pattern.

    premium material icon

    Premium Material

    For pets and people to sleep soundly on your bed.

    100 waterproof icon

    100% Waterproof

    Stop liquid penetration in its tracks.

    king queen size bed icon

    Queen / King Size

    90" x 90" to fully cover your bed.

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    Refresh your decor in minutes.

    "My pups are paw lickers, which end up getting my sheets wet, but this has been keeping my sheets dry."

    Customer of Victoria Orton Waterproof Blanket

    three layered system diagram

    Luxuriously Soft, Heavy & 100% Waterproof

    Comprised of 2 layers of the highest quality polyester mink encased with a noiseless 100% waterproof membrane
    to protect bedding and furniture.

    extra large waterproof blanket

    Extra Large to Protect Furniture

    The ultra soft waterproof blanket is
    90" x 90" to fully cover a queen/king size bed.

    reversible design fiord blue quill white

    Choose Your Mood

    Refresh your decor in minutes.
    Flip between: 
    Side A - Fiord Blue
    Side B - Quill White

    washing machine waterproof blanket

    Easy Care & Cleaning

    Treat stains with a high quality pet remover
    before machine washing.

    Learn More
    victoria orton customer dog on blanket

    "Looks good, feels soft & protects well."

    Customer of Victoria Orton
     100% Waterproof Blanket

    50% of dogs sleep in their owner's bed

    2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey

    Our blankets are designed to be your first line of defense - to cover and protect furnishings of importance to you and your family. 

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